Fruit Mince Pies,
White Xmas, Shortbread,


Made from our delicious shortbread and filled with minced fruit laced with Rum. These are the best fruit mince pies you’ll taste!

$3.40each | $18.20half dozen (6) | $33.15 dozen (12)


$8.25 | pack of 6


$8.80| pack of 12


$5.30| pack of 6

German Stollen
& Fruitcakes

Stollen is the traditional German Christmas cake. It is a yeast based cake filled with mixed fruit and spices. Once out of the oven, it is coated with melted butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar. It is then dusted with vanilla sugar before it is wrapped. It has a delicious light taste and is traditionally served in small bite size pieces. Great on a platter with fruitmince pies to serve with coffee after the Christmas meal. Available with or without marzipan. The marzipan stollen has a roll of marzipan at one end.

Our Fruitcakes are made from scratch, using only the best ingredients. i.e. A grade fruit, Quality Marzipan etc. The fruit is soaked in rum before hand.

The iced fruitcakes consist of a layer of Marzipan, then a layer of white icing. Fruitcakes are available uniced, wrapped in cellophane ready to give as a present or iced, decorated with a message of your choice.

German Stollen

Plain Stollen | $27.00
Marzipan Stollen | $30.00

UNICED Fruitcakes

Wrapped in cellophane with frill and merry christmas ornament.

size cost
6″ square $46.00
8″ round $57.00
8″ square $67.00


size cost
6″ square $92.00
8″ round $111.00
8″ square $139.00
10″ round $139.00


A Christmas tradition. We make our houses in 2 sizes. They are made from our own gingerbread and put together with royal icing. We cover them in quality sweets (Pascall, Allen’s, smarties etc) and then dust them with icing sugar and wrap them in cellophane. They are ideal to use as a Xmas decoration up until Christmas Day and are a fantastic gift.

small | $59.00
Large | $77.00

Plum Puddings

A traditional rich plum pudding that is easy to heat and serve. You can either steam the pudding or heat it conveniently in the microwave. Wrapped to give as a present, the ideal gift for that hard to buy for person.

Weight serves cost
800g 8-10 $27.00